Two WorldStar awards received

16/01/2024 | 3 min read
Charlotte Enzelsberger

A total of 435 packaging products from 41 countries competed for a WorldStar award. Like the submissions, the award winners were equally spread across the globe – including Greiner Packaging, which submitted not one, but two innovative packaging designs.

K3® r100: Self-separation for excellent recyclability

The cardboard-plastic cup was invented by Greiner Packaging over 40 years ago and has been in continuous development ever since. Its thin plastic cup, reduced carbon footprint, and intuitive tear tab make it both a particularly sustainable and visually appealing packaging choice.

The K3® r100 product innovation has made the impossible possible: The cardboard wrap and plastic packaging separate from each other without human intervention during the waste disposal process. This means that achieving a high recyclability rate (up to 98%) does not depend on proper separation by the end consumer – as with all previous K3® packaging: It happens completely independently. Customers such as the Austrian company Berglandmilch and the Swiss dairy Molkerei Forster already trust in self-separating K3® r100. 2023 Greiner Packaging received the Green Packaging Star Award for its innovation.

Customized yogurt packaging: Redesign with sustainability benefits

In order to make the packaging design of Olma Pierot’s creamy, fruity yogurts more sustainable, the brand turned to packaging specialist Greiner Packaging. Switching from injection molding to thermoforming and adapting the cup geometry allowed a total reduction of plastic per cup of 29%. This corresponds to a potential annual savings of 48 tons of plastic. In addition, the packaging is easier to stack thanks to the adjustments made to the cup geometry: The stacking height of 5 cups was reduced by 74.8 mm, which consequently reduces the truckloads required for transport by almost 80% per year.

By reducing both the amount of plastic and the number of truckloads required, it is possible to reduce a large amount of CO2e emissions. Greiner Packaging already received the Czech Obal Roku Award “Packaging of the Year 2023” for the redesign in 2023.

We have already won several WorldStar awards in recent years. However, receiving two awards in one year is something very special and highlights the fact that – together with our customers – we are working hard at all our locations to develop innovative packaging with a view to sustainability. And it is precisely with this mission that we are entering the upcoming fiscal year

Beatrix Praeceptor, CEO of Greiner Packaging

The WorldStar Awards competition has been held by the World Packaging Organization since 1970. To qualify for a submission, the packaging must have already won a packaging award at the regional or national level.


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