Squeezy Bottle

Exact dosing made easy
Numerous liquid products require exact dosing on the user's side. Whether it's the exact amount of detergent for a wash load, the ideal portion of shampoo for a hair wash, or an optimal dose of ketchup to go with sausages. But above all, concentrates also have to be dosed in exact quantities, as they only develop their perfect effect when mixed with water in the right ratio.  

In search of a novel solution that can meet precisely these requirements for a wide variety of products, the DesPro design & prototyping department at Greiner Packaging developed the Squeezy Bottle. 

Fun dosing process

Bellows adaptable to desired dose

Bellows adaptable to desired dose

Exact dosing

Large decoration area

Differentiation at POS

Innovative packaging solution

Recycled material possible

How does it work?

The Squeezy Bottle works according to the bellows principle. With the help of the bellows, consumers can easily and perfectly dose the desired amount of product. However, it is also easy for producers to pre-dose by designing the bellows size in such a way that the ideal quantity ends up in the detergent chamber (or on the plate in the case of ketchup, or in the hand in the case of shampoo,...) when the push is fully exhausted. Even the smallest quantities, as in the case of disinfectants, can be cleanly dosed with the appropriate dimensioning. 

Keyword sustainability

The Squeezy Bottle is also suitable for concentrate solutions, such as concentrated detergent, which is pushed directly into the detergent chamber, or for solutions that consumers dilute with water in a separate container. Simple and convenient dosing makes this process child's play. This saves packaging material and weight during transport. And space on the shelf at home. In addition, the packaging solution - depending on the product - can be made from recycled plastic. 

Handling & fun factor

The innovative shape of the packaging solution guarantees attention on the sales shelf and its unusual form encourages consumers to push. The bellows provide the corresponding fun factor for consumers.   

The novel packaging is suitable for different markets: detergents, household cleaners, disinfectants, sauces, ketchup, honey, but also shower gel.

Positive feedback led to implementation

Developed by Greiner Packaging's in-house design and prototyping department DesPro, the concept was already presented in a past customer magazine of Greiner Packaging, UPP. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from readers led to further development and investment in a pilot tool. From the idea to ready-to-use packaging! 

In addition to the exact dosing function, the focus in the development of this new bottle was on the fun factor during dosing and differentiation at the POS right from the start.  


With this bottle, Greiner Packaging presents an ideal solution in terms of form and function: it looks exciting, you can dose super easy and have more fun while washing, cleaning or eating, depending on the intended use.


The production of the bottle body including the bellows is carried out at Greiner Packaging using the extrusion blow molding process; for the future, a further development in the direction of injection stretch blow molding is considered. Except for the bellows, the bottle itself can be decorated in many ways: In direct printing as well as with a label or sleeve - entirely according to customer requirements. 

Packaging Facts:


extrusion blow molding 

  • direct printing
  • label
  • sleeve 

  • PP
  • HDPE
  • recycled material possible


Want to learn more about our Squeezy bottle? Contact Stefan Ebli, Head of Design & Prototyping – he will be happy to answer all your questions!

Stefan Ebli
Head of Design & Prototyping Services

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