From yogurt and butter to whey drinks – dairy products are more popular than ever before. Moreover, the high demand is being stimulated by the increasing supply. New and increasingly extraordinary products can be found on the shelves.

Dairy products: a healthy snack

More and more dairy products are being offered in such a way that they can be consumed comfortably on the go. Consumers appreciate this as they are becoming increasingly mobile. Additionally, they attach more and more importance to a healthy diet. In this context, milk is considered a particularly natural food: it is hardly processed and naturally contains numerous healthy ingredients. This makes dairy products an ideal component of a healthy snack culture.


The protein trend

Given consumers’ increased awareness of health-related issues, many new products today contain added protein or make a special point of highlighting the product’s protein content. As a result, products found on the market today include milk drinks with extra protein, “protein” quark (a fresh dairy product with a taste and texture similar to yogurt), oatmeal with added protein, high-protein bread, and even desserts such as pudding with a higher protein content. Protein is an important nutrient for building cells and tissues, and it also has the reputation of being very filling – which makes it ideal for people who want to lose weight. But because many people don’t have much time to cook with fresh ingredients each day, they resort to “ready-made” foods. 

The trend toward health supplements

In addition to foods with a high protein content, products with probiotic supplements and those that are higher in calcium, potassium, magnesium, or vitamin D are currently seeing a boom as well. Functional ingredients – in traditional dairy products or snacks, for example – can meet this demand. 

The trend toward foreign cuisine

Ethnic foods – that is, products and dishes that are prepared with special herbs and spices or enhanced with particular ingredients – also represent a growth market. Trips and vacations are part of the reason consumers don’t want to miss out on the special flavors of far-off lands once they are back home.  While some products are adapted to suit the tastes of the respective market – especially when it comes to spiciness! – authentic, original products are also aimed at people who come from the respective country of origin. Dairy products, and especially mixed beverages, are also playing a role in this category. Examples include ayran, a drinking yogurt, and the lassi, an Indian beverage also made from yogurt.


The trend toward veganism

Soy yogurt, coconut desserts, and oat or almond drinks aren’t classic dairy products. But these vegan alternatives to traditional milk-based foods have still seen a steady increase in demand in recent years. The reasons behind this trend are clear: Consumers are placing a greater focus on their health and view alternatives to yogurt, butter, and cheese as a simple way to cut animal products out of their diet. This helps prevent any potential suffering on the part of animals, and these consumers want to contribute to sustainable environmental protection by making a conscious choice to purchase certain foods. 


Product solutions

A comprehensive range for individual needs

At Greiner Packaging, we’re already making a key contribution to the trends in the dairy industry today thanks to our broad range of packaging solutions. We offer our customers the right packaging for their respective needs – whether it’s products with a high protein content, added ingredients to promote health, unusual flavor varieties, or combinations inspired by foreign cultures. And our solutions are attractive, practical, and efficient during production and use. We do our utmost to take sustainability requirements into account in the process – both in terms of the materials we use as well as the recyclability of the packaging. 

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