Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices can turn even the simplest ingredients into a dish with an amazing depth of flavor. Salt was long referred to as “white gold,” and for good reason – it was even used as a means of payment. Today, an incredible variety of herbs and spices is available on the market, whether for sweet or spicy dishes or beverages, baked goods, and meats. 

The trend toward exotic foods is clearly reflected in the market category; spices from Africa, Asia, and South America are in high demand worldwide and aim to enhance variety in the kitchen. At the same time, consumers want clean label solutions; that is, products with the best flavor that are free of allergens and don’t contain additives or flavor enhancers. Consumers are also looking for natural, high-quality products when it comes to ready-made spice blends. Increasingly, they want to make their own blends of spices themselves – individually and according to their preferences at the moment. 

Product solutions

Custom, transparent solutions

At Greiner Packaging, we produce spice jars and containers in various sizes and with various lid solutions. This lets us respond to our customers’ needs on a custom basis and supply the perfect packaging for every product. We also place a special focus on making our packaging easy to use, for example thanks to solutions that can be used with one hand or dispensing aids (such as shakers). Because our plastic packaging is lightweight and unbreakable, it impresses thanks to increased safety and carbon savings in production and transport. Our packaging taps into the trend toward more transparency and lets consumers take a look at the product even before they’ve left the store. Like all our other packaging solutions, sustainability is an important aspect of our packaging for herbs and spices – so we use recycled materials wherever possible. 

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