Plastic packaging excels on many levels

Innovative solutions for a wide range of market needs


Thanks to the numerous advantages it offers, plastic packaging is extremely popular and comes into play in a diverse range of market categories – in both the food and non-food segments, and from beverages and baby food to detergents. Together with our customers, the team here at Greiner Packaging is keeping a close eye on exactly which trends will become increasingly relevant in the coming years and which market innovations are especially promising. This lets us work proactively as we develop appropriate, efficient solutions that are perfectly matched to the needs of our customers and consumers. We offer custom solutions for various product groups that reflect the requirements of a broad variety of markets. 

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Plastic packaging is an integral part of the food industry in particular – it’s lightweight, unbreakable, and helps give food a longer shelf life thanks to its product characteristics. We make sustainability a top priority in this segment by using recycled and alternative materials as well as cardboard-plastic combinations that let us meet consumers’ expectations for environmentally friendly packaging perfectly. Food is precious, and our barrier solutions help extend the shelf life of food, which prevents it from being wasted.


Plastic packaging is often the preferred type of packaging, whether it’s used for detergent or medical devices. It protects the goods while also ensuring the product stands out on the shelf thanks to its design and presentation. And the varieties of plastic packaging are as diverse as their contents. By using a wide range of production and decoration technologies, we stand for sustainable, custom solutions that ensure the success of our customers’ products. 


Most packaging in the food and non-food segments is typically only used once before it is (ideally) disposed of in the recycling bin. At Greiner Packaging, however, we also produce plastic packaging that can be reused in many cases and thus supports our sustainability mission in a very targeted way.