Drinking bottles

Drinking enough clean water is key to a healthy lifestyle, so it makes sense to keep a water bottle to hand throughout the day. Our water bottles ensure that people drink only water of the best quality– entirely free of plasticizers like BPA. Moreover, our bottles can be refilled again and again, which helps keep the environment clean. We focus on ease of use – opening and closing the bottle – when designing our drink bottles, as well as on making sure they have a highly effective seal.

Kavodrink bottles

Greiner Packaging has successfully produced reusable drink bottles for many years: our Kavodrink product line. Whatever your need, you’ll find the right bottle in our range:

  • Sizes: Our standard Kavodrink bottles are available in 0.5-liter, 0.75-liter, and 1-liter variants.
  • Material: Kavodrink bottles are made of PCTG (bspw. Tritan™, Ecozen), which is free of plasticizers, dishwasher safe, and extra durable. The material is also odorless and transparent, making it very hygienic as any debris inside the bottle is easy to see and remove.
  • Closures: Kavodrink bottles can be fitted with a flip-top, push-and-pull, or twist-off closure.
  • Design: The design of the bottle can be tailored to the customer’s individual preferences, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Product solutions

Recyclingfähiges Sortiment aus PP

PCTG (bspw. Tritan™, Ecozen) copolyester is manufactured by US company Eastman and is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and listed by the EFSA (European Food and Safety Association). This plastic is not just plasticizer-free but also impresses with a number of other advantages that make it a popular substitute material for glass.

Customized Kavodrink bottle design

Thanks to the variety possible within the range, our Kavodrink bottles are popular with consumers and businesses alike. For example, they can be custom-branded and given to employees and customers as practical gifts.

Bespoke drink bottles -> Let us design your bottle!

Greiner Packaging is also the ideal partner for anyone seeking even more individuality – we’re happy to work with our customers to develop drink bottles that meet their specific preferences and needs. Whether focused on a bottle’s shape or design, or the development of a suitable closure, our experts take all the time necessary to create the ideal product for each of our customers.


Want to know more about our range of drink bottles? Please contact Thomas Edbauer, key account manager, who will be happy to answer all your questions!

Thomas Edbauer
Key Account Manager

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