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Why Greiner Packaging?

Those who work at Greiner Packaging are committed to a sustainable future. As a company, we are keen on making our products fit for the future including the 3 "Rs": reDUCE – reUSE – reCYCLE. As an employee of Greiner Packaging, you have the opportunity to actively make a difference and to be part of a dynamic change – and join the circular revolution! As a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging, we are always on the lookout for employees who, together with us, can come up with creative and solution-oriented ideas for the plastics industry and boldly promote sustainable solutions. We value a collegial climate, a diverse and inclusive work environment, communication at eye level, and long-term employment relationships. 

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Our values

We are aware of our responsibility as a global group of companies. Everything we do, is based upon our values of openness, appreciation, reliability, and striving for excellence. These values make us, as a company, calculable for our employees but for our environment as well and affirm the joint identity of the group of companies.


  • We think and act across divisions.
  • We provide and accept feedback.
  • We are prepared to try new things as well.


  • We promote diversity of opinion.
  • We bring divergent cultures together.
  • We treat each other with respect.


  • We act consistently and rationally.
  • We identify ourselves closely with the Greiner Group and act on its behalf.
  • We do business in a socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable manner.

Striving for excellence

  • We are ambitious and learn from our differences.
  • We assume responsibility for our actions.
  • We take pleasure in success.
  • We are among the best in our business.

Inclusion and Diversity

  • We provide equal opportunities for everyone and act as a role model for creating an inclusive organization and society.
  • We are committed to creating an open and inclusive environment where everyone is heard, respected, and appreciated. As a global player we actively use our impact to create equal opportunities inside and outside the company.
  • We make sure potentials are not limited by characteristics such as gender, age, background, social status, sexual orientation, religion, or mental and physical abilities. Based on our guiding principles we will work towards concrete targets and communicate them openly.

It is our responsibility to address discrimination, structural prejudice and unconscious biases. By educating colleagues, learning from each other and making the topic visible, we can identify, consider, and mitigate inequalities.

We are committed to ensure that the journey of each employee is filled with transparency and access to equal opportunities. From employer branding and recruiting to workforce retention, we want to be inclusive and fair.

We want to provide both, a rewarding career and time for personal life. With this in mind, we seek to strike a balance between family life, education, and work for all choices at any stage of life.

When developing new products or services, we strive to consider aspects of diversity and inclusion which are relevant for our customers, users and other stakeholders.

Diversity, equity and inclusion goes far beyond our company. We actively encourage our suppliers, customers and partners to contribute to the evolution of our vision, mission, and guiding principles to ultimately achieve an equitable society.


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