Greiner Packaging

About us
Greiner Packaging produces rigid, plastic packaging – successfully for more than 60 years. Our customers are located all over the world. And so are we: With over 30 locations in 19 countries worldwide, we are always exactly where our customers need us.

Our packaging protects a wide variety of products. From yoghurt to salads to detergents – customers of many markets trust in packaging made by Greiner Packaging. This diversity demands technological breadth: Thanks to our wide range of production and decoration technologies, we can provide our customers with extensive advice and service. In doing so, we make sure that we pursue our ambitious goals in terms of sustainability.

In 2022, we have underscored our commitment to using recycled material in our packaging by acquiring a PET recycling company – Greiner Recycling d.o.o.

Additionally, it goes without saying that our products are also visually appealing. Our own design department, DesPro, ensures that this is the case.

By the way: we can do even more. Greiner Packaging consists of two business units: Packaging and Assistec. The Business Unit Packaging produces packaging. The business unit Assistec produces technical parts and entire assemblies made of plastic. It is always overwhelming to see how many Greiner Packaging products every consumer has at home. While not everything might be from us, it may be from another Greiner division. As part of the globally active Greiner AG, we have two sister divisions: Greiner Bio-One and NEVEON.

Greiner Packaging in 2 minutes

909 (2022)


(Mio. €)
80 (2022)

Operating Cash Flow before changes in Working Capital

(Mio. €)
76 (2022)


(Mio. €)
4.911 (2022)


Vision & mission

Our vision

Greiner Packaging is the leading global partner for outstanding circular packaging that enables a future worth living.

Our mission

In close cooperation with our partners, we develop and distribute highly functioning circular and sustainable packaging solutions with excellent design.


Our values

We are aware of our responsibility as a global group of companies. Everything we do, is based upon our values of openness, appreciation, reliability, and striving for excellence. These values make us, as a company, calculable for our employees but for our environment as well and affirm the joint identity of the group of companies.


  • We think and act across divisions.
  • We provide and accept feedback.
  • We are prepared to try new things as well.


  • We promote diversity of opinion.
  • We bring divergent cultures together.
  • We treat each other with respect.


  • We act consistently and rationally.
  • We identify ourselves closely with the
  • Greiner Group and act on its behalf.
  • We do business in a socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable manner.

Striving for excellence

  • We are ambitious and learn from our differences.
  • We assume responsibility for our actions.
  • We take pleasure in success.
  • We are among the best in our business.

Our Leadership & Collaboration Principles


In the course of its over 150-year history as a family business, Greiner has grown from a small general store into a world-leading group of companies with more than 10,000 employees in 30 countries. As a Greiner company, we at Greiner Packaging can also be proud of a long history characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, creative potential, and courage.

1868: The Greiner family business is founded

The family business is born when Carl Albert Greiner and his wife, Emilie, open a small general store in Nürtingen, Germany.

1960: Greiner Packaging takes off

Cork and foam manufacturer Greiner purchases two injection molding machines. Twist caps for bottle closures, spouts, pill packaging, and round tins are among Greiner Packaging’s first products and represent the starting point for plastic packaging that meets the very highest standards.

1987: Greiner begins producing its own sheets

Greiner Packaging produces its own multilayer sheets for the first time. Regranulated materials are incorporated into the middle layer. This represents a perfect example of the company’s already advanced requirements for its packaging.

1989: Greiner Packaging goes East

Greiner Packaging is one of the first Austrian companies to expand into Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. These first steps toward expansion take place in Hungary and the Czech Republic, and Greiner Packaging continues to consistently implement this expansion strategy in the coming years as well.

2000: Greiner Packaging introduces cardboard-plastic combinations

Greiner Packaging begins producing cups made of cardboard-plastic combinations with the acquisition of a packaging facility in Diepoldsau, Switzerland. The pioneering packaging called K3® develops to become a successful product from the very beginning.

2006: The Assistec business unit is established

The Greiner Assistec business unit originates from the “technical components” production area, which has been part of the company for many years. Thanks to this new business unit, customer needs can be met in an even more targeted way.

2010: First business activities in North America

Greiner Packaging opens its first location outside Europe in Monterrey, Mexico. The Assistec business unit develops the market in cooperation with an international customer. The first US location in Pittston, Pennsylvania, follows several years later.

2014: “Plastics for Life” sustainability strategy initiated

As part of global company Greiner AG, Greiner Packaging lives up to its special responsibility as a packaging specialist.


2018: Greiner: 150 years

Greiner celebrates 150 years as a company. The festivities also include the opening of the Greiner Campus in Kremsmünster, Austria – a cutting-edge workshop dedicated in part to trainee plastics engineers.

2019: Greiner publishes first Sustainability Report

In June 2019, Greiner AG publishes its first Sustainability Report, setting ambitious goals for the company.


In August 2020, Greiner Packaging took a clear step toward sustainable development as a business, completing the takeover of Serbian recycling company ALWAG, which has since been renamed Greiner Recycling d.o.o.