IML - In-mold labeling

With in-mold labeling, the label is placed in the injection molding or thermoforming tool in which the product is shaped, therefore bonding it permanently to the finished product. This decoration method allows for efficient shaping and decorating in just a single step.

When it comes to sustainability, in-mold labeling stand out for a number of reasons: The label and product are ideally made from the same plastic, so they can be recycled together. If they need to be specially separated, „peelable labels“ can be used. Digital watermarks can also be integrated in the labels. These boost material detection in the sorting plant and can also display additional information when cash register systems are used. In the case of thermoformed plastic cups with in-mold labeling (T-IML), less material is needed, which has the added benefit of saving resources.

IML - well combined

Product categories

Barrier possibilities

Your benefits:

  • Efficient technology: Production and decoration in a single step
  • Numerous decoration effects: Matte, rough, glossy, or soft to the touch
  • High print quality (photo quality): Offset printing is used to produce the labels
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations: Optimal protection for the filled contents
  • Resistant to low temperatures: IML packaging is a top choice for refrigerated or frozen products
  • Low storage costs: Production and decoration in a single step, no need for prior storage for undecorated products
  • Perfect-fit decoration
  • Rapid design modifications possible: Only the label needs to be replaced
  • Various shapes possible: Round, oval, or angular
  • Labels printable on both sides

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