Our Packworld

Packworld is Greiner Packaging’s conference and innovation center. Located in Oberswaltersdorf, Lower Austria, in the heart of Europe, it got its start when a cork production site was converted in 2010. When you step inside Packworld, you enter another world: the world of Greiner Packaging. In our own exhibition space, visitors can experience the various features of our vast array of products. Products from Greiner Packaging can be found in many everyday situations – from yogurt pots, to bottles of body wash, through to detergent containers. The impressive exhibits at Packworld clearly demonstrate the role these products play in our lives.

Numerous innovations from Greiner Packaging have already had their inception in the creative environment at Packworld. This makes the innovative atmosphere of the premises the perfect place for regular innovation workshops and especially for our annual Innovation Day, where current trends and topics in the industry are discussed together with expert speakers and customers. 

Innovation Day

In 2019, Greiner Packaging held its seventh Innovation Day event at Packworld under the theme „Transitioning to a circular economy. Are you ready?”. Some 200 guests from 15 countries attended the event, which addressed the challenges and opportunities of a global circular economy.



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