Like lids, closures protect the filled contents from external influences, allow the packaging to be resealed, and – depending on the cap – are tamper-evident. Closures are also a packaging component that ensures optimal dispensing, for example with sprinkle holes for herbs and spices or dispenser systems for liquid soaps. But no matter the type of cap, Greiner Packaging stands for the development and production of precise solutions.

Precision plays a decisive role for closures with threads in particular: If the closure can’t be placed on the packaging in an optimal way, the entire packaging including the filled contents often become rejects. As a result, high quality guarantees the efficient use of resources. We also try to reduce the use of materials wherever possible – for example, by modifying closure systems consisting of two pieces so they’re only made from a single piece in the future. The use of alternative materials is also set to play a key role going forward.