Pet Food

Dogs, cats or hamsters are seen as valuable family members. They should stay healthy and fit and enjoy snacks and meals. What ends up in the bowl is mainly influenced by human preferences and nutritional trends: animal food should not harm the environment and should be produced fairly. Alternatives to the high proportion of meat in dog and cat food will also be in greater demand in the future - for the sake of animal health, but also for the sake of the ecological footprint. Nowadays, pet food is often home-made, and leftovers are processed. In order to make sure what is actually contained in the pet food, more and more consumers are demanding a clear declaration of the ingredients on the packaging.

Product solutions

Recyclable alternatives

At Greiner Packaging, we produce cups, tubs, trays and lids for the pet food market – and offer a sustainable alternative to cans made of aluminum or flexible pouch packaging. These often consist of a combination of plastic and aluminum or metal and are therefore difficult to recycle in many cases. Plastic mono-material solutions can easily be given a second life, and using recycled or alternative materials is also an option. We take the topic of sustainability seriously when it comes to the shelf life of the food as well. By equipping the packaging with barrier properties, we use a natural approach to extend the product’s expiration date.