For many people, a freshly brewed cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day. Some 2.5 million cups of coffee are consumed around the world each day, especially in northern Europe – but people in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany are big fans of this full-flavored pick-me-up too.

To ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to the perfect flavor, a majority of households and also offices now use convenient capsule systems. These serve up top-quality cappuccino, espresso, and other coffee drinks at the touch of a button. Consumption of capsules is continually growing – and has long since gone beyond coffee. Tea, hot chocolate powder, and even baby food and various soda drinks are now offered in capsule form as well. 

Precise production process

Greiner Packaging scores with many years of experience in the production of coffee capsules. In doing so, we place emphasis on an exact and precisely fitting production process. This process is monitored by fully automatic camera systems (Vision Control). This ensures that rejects are kept to a minimum. Any capsule rejects are milled and returned to the production process - an absolute plus in terms of environmental protection.

Barrier layer for perfect taste

The best flavor needs the best product protection. We achieve this with a barrier solution such as MBT. This solution protects the filled contents – in this case the coffee – against external influences, increasing the shelf life and providing better protection for the flavor. The high quality of the coffee can be guaranteed over an extended period thanks to this approach. 

Enjoying sustainably

In order to ensure optimal recyclability of our capsules, we are continuously working on design adaptations. They comply with the requirements of legislation and the conditions in sorting and recycling plants. There are many more ideas to make capsules more sustainable: Industrially compostable or home compostable capsules or capsules made of bio-based materials are also possible. We can already offer initial solutions.