IBT: inert barrier technology

With the development of the inert barrier technology, or IBT for short, Greiner Packaging has succeeded in bringing food shelf life for plastic cups to a whole new level. We are the absolute global leader in the use of IBT in cup packaging.

How does it work?

This barrier layer made of silicon oxide (SiOX) is applied to the outer or inner side of a plastic cup via a plasma procedure. It is chemically inert and, aside from the barrier effect against gases, also offers a chemical migration blocker. The coating has no impact on the weight or transparency of the packaging.


Your benefits:

  • Significant increase of best-before-date
  • Reduced gas permeability: Oxygen and moisture permeability are greatly reduced
  • Reduced migration/diffusion due to SiOX layer between packaging and product
  • Smell and taste are completely preserved
  • Reduced absorption of essential oils
  • Product remains visually appealing
  • Coated packaging is rated as monomaterial
  • Functional barrier: The filling is protected from external influences
  • Flexible coating: Resistant to temperature and humidity
  • Anti-staining

Barrier brouchure

Would you like to get more information about our barrier packagings? Here you can find our barrier folder. 

IBT in a nutshell

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