Barrier technologies

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Innovative barrier solutions significantly boost the value of a packaging solution. Food packaging isn’t just an attractive way of wrapping a product – it’s the key factor for getting the filled contents from the filling plant to the consumer in the highest quality. Barrier solutions are highly advantageous for contents that require an especially high level of protection against external influences.

Did you know that there are many different barrier options?

  • Barriers against oxygen migration or mutual migration (from inside and outside): Oxygen damage to the product does not just come from outside. Even the oxygen trapped during packaging can greatly affect the product. Products are often packaged under a nitrogen atmosphere to prevent this effect. 
  • Barriers against loss of aroma
  • Barriers against light: Dark materials are injected in the form of layers, such as for butter tubs (butter is broken down by UV rays, so a normal “light-colored” tub does not offer enough protection).


Different packaging materials have different levels of impact on the climate. Read our free “Tough Choices” white paper to find out which packaging solution delivers the best results for our climate.

Food shelf life on a whole new level 

Modern consumer demands for longer product shelf lives without preservatives – while providing good product protection – are increasing. By placing a great deal of value on having a wide range of offerings of plastic packaging for different target groups, we have succeeded in driving a variety of different barrier technologies forward.

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