Ready Meals

They’re handy, delicious, and save time: Convenience foods have taken the world by storm. As a result, the ready meals sector is growing rapidly. Market research institute Euromonitor estimates that this category will be worth 92 million euros by 2022 and will keep growing on a continuous basis worldwide.

The trend toward health-conscious recipes

In the past, ready meals were notorious for being unhealthy, but today health-conscious recipes are trending. In order to stay fit longer, more and more people are turning to dishes with natural and health-promoting ingredients - even in the ready-meals category.

Trying new things

Many consumers like to try out new things. Product innovations are therefore increasingly playing with unusual ingredients and flavors, such as vegetable protein or various kinds of cereals. When it comes to seasoning, on the other hand, Asian, African and Latin American flavors have become an integral part of many dishes.

The benefit of saving time

Ready meals help to save time. For a few valuable minutes, consumers are willing to pay around 300 percent more. Consequently, ready-to-eat and convenience products are a good business, and even more suppliers are likely to enter the market in the future.

Convenient, appealing, and environmentally friendly

Many convenience products are prepared directly in the packaging and also consumed from it - often on the go. That's why we attach great importance to the protection of the food in our packaging, on the shelf and during preparation. Additionally, we make it easy for consumers to enjoy the products and ensure that the dishes are presented attractively on the shelves.
Next to cups and tubs, we also produce matching lid and cutlery solutions. In doing so, we pay attention to sustainability: we offer cutlery made of bio-based material, wood and cardboard and are working on solutions made of r-PET. This brings us one step closer to the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

Product solutions

Cardboard-plastic combinations

Our cardboard-plastic combinations are ideal for hot snack products. The thermal properties of the packaging keep the food warm for a long time while also protecting the consumer’s hands against burns. The cardboard and plastic can be easily separated from one another and disposed of individually. A cardboard sleeve that provides stability makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the plastic cup’s walls to a minimum. This leads to a reduction of the carbon footprint of the packaging. Moreover, our customers can also use the cardboard sleeve to communicate with consumers – graphics and text can convey messages in an attractive way, making the time it takes to prepare the snack pass even more quickly.

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