When a sleeve is used as the decoration, a thin tube of plastic is applied to the product. The sleeve is shrunk by means of steam heating or an electric radiant heater, so it fits the item’s shape. Sleeves can go over the shoulder of the article and can also be applied to round and non-round parts. PET and OPS are used as sleeve materials. Special packaging design shapes can also be decorated using sleeves, and gravure, offset, and flexo printing are all design options for the sleeve.

In terms of sustainability, sleeves are convincing. When choosing the material, we make sure that the sleeve can be easily separated from the product. On the one hand, a sleeve can be easily separated from the product thanks to tear-off perforations. On the other hand, it is also possible to choose material combinations that can be automatically separated in the recycling process. Digital watermarks can also be integrated in the sleeve. These improve material detection in the sorting plant and can also display additional information when cash register systems are used. 

Sleeve - well combined


Product categories

Barrier possibilities

Your benefits:

  • Full-surface decoration with premium, versatile look – matte, glossy, transparent, and many more are all possible
  • Printable on both sides
  • Tear-off perforation possible for easier separation of the materials
  • Oriented sleeve is an option for multipacks (consisting of two, four, six, or eight products) – the printed image is always on the front of each cup in the multipack
  • Sleeve fits to every contour and packaging shape without wrinkles – concave, convex, and round or non-round shapes are options, too
  • Sufficient space for messages
  • Attractive at the point of sale – unmistakable

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