Savory Spreads, Pate & Meat

Savory spreads – from hummus, to veggie spreads, to meat pâtés – are increasingly popular today and have become genuine alternatives to cold meats and cheeses at breakfast and snack time. Growing demand for vegan products has also given these products a boost, and companies have responded by including more and more spreads and pâtés made of vegetables and legumes in their ranges. 


Shelf life plays a key role with spreads in comparison to other market categories, which is why their packaging often requires barrier properties that extend the use-by date of the food without adding preservatives. Packaging that has large – in other words, convenient – openings is also set to play an increasingly prominent role in the future. More and more companies are realizing that openings that make it easy to dispense the product go a long way toward enhancing their usability

Product solutions

End-to-end solutions

At Greiner Packaging, we produce cups, tubs, and lids for savory spreads, and our approach focuses on end-to-end solutions in this area: Upon request, we’re already able to supply our customers with pre-decorated packaging that features unique designs thanks to our in-mold labeling technology

In addition, we produce meat trays as hygienic packaging solutions for meat and meat products, ensuring the highest quality and freshness even for sensitive or perishable foods.