Greiner Packaging produces more than just practical packaging solutions. Starting on July 3, 2021, it will be illegal to place disposable plastic cutlery on the market in the European Union. However, we are ensuring that there will still be an easy, user-friendly way to consume convenience and to-go products on the spot thanks to our innovative, fold-out cardboard spoons.

The fold-out spoons can be fitted right inside the lids of packaging solutions for dairy, deli, or specialty products. The lids themselves can be made of r-PET, providing a fully sustainable solution when paired with the cardboard spoons.

While the lids are mainly made from r-PET, virgin material is used for the cutlery. We offer a wide range of material options in order to respond to the sustainability concerns of customers and consumers. As such, the cutlery can be perfectly tailored to the needs of the project and the customers.

Cardboard spoon

Greiner Packaging teamed up with its joint venture partner, Cardbox Packaging, to develop a 100 percent recyclable cardboard spoon. With a length of 10 centimeters when unfolded, the spoon is exactly the right size and shape for consuming dairy products, desserts, fruit, salads, and much more on the go. The cardboard spoon is made from virgin fibers and is therefore approved for contact with food, while a water-based coating on the cardboard ensures the spoon is safe to eat with. Customized printing is available from a minimum order quantity.

For non-EU markets, Greiner Packaging will continue to produce PP and PS cutlery if desired, starting at a certain minimum order quantity.
PS (polystyrene) cutlery has featured in Greiner Packaging’s product range for a long time. However, due to a number of requests from customers wishing to switch from PS to PP (polypropylene), mass production of PS cutlery will be discontinued.
PP cutlery is a more advanced product that is available from Greiner Packaging. This change of material has been positively received and shows that the focus can shift to PP instead of PS in the future.
Greiner Packaging currently doesn’t supply cutlery made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). However, several trials are being conducted with this material with a view to being able to supply a single-material packaging solution (lid and cutlery made from PET or r-PET).

Greiner Packaging does not offer legal advice. Instead, it assesses the impact of legislation on the markets in which it operates. This document therefore reflects our current state of knowledge.

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