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Life expectancy is increasing, and people are living longer all the time. Demographic changes are having clear impacts on our society, with the global population set to grow to over nine billion people by 2050. The OECD predicts that life expectancy in the European Union will be 89.1 years for women and 84.6 for men in 2060. But people aren’t just growing older, they’re growing old later in life as well. Older people are more affluent, active, and mobile than they once were – and they are also taking steps earlier in life to ensure they stay that way. As a result, healthcare products are booming, and demand for them continues to grow. 

When it comes to packaging for medications and pharmaceutical products, functionality, safety, and cleanliness are key characteristics in particular. The choice of packaging is primarily determined by the requirements of the contents – and the related standards and regulations are steadily increasing.

Product solutions

Solutions for sensitive contents

Here at Greiner Packaging, we’re also working to meet the market’s requirements with our packaging solutions. Based on our tried-and-tested technologies, we can guarantee the purity and consistency of the filled contents. We also offer a broad range of products that include packaging solutions for medications requiring prescriptions, over-the-counter products, foods and dietary supplements, veterinary products, and medical cosmetics. 

As a further response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Greiner Packaging has expanded its range of (r-)PET bottles to 16 versions. These are available in various sizes, with capacities varying from 100 to 1,000 milliliters, and can be made from up to 100 percent r-PET if desired. The new bottles are produced using ISBM production technology. The bottles are based on a round body shape, with a shoulder shape that can be either round or square, while the 28/410 neck is standardized for all caps and closure systems widely available on the market. Starting from a certain order quantity, any color design can be applied at Greiner Packaging’s production facility and supplied to the customer. Alternatively, customers can procure their own custom decorations in the form of labels or sleeves and apply them on their own premises.

Greiner Packaging’s updated bottle lineup demonstrates that Greiner can react quickly and flexibly to new market needs, as the modular product range can also be immediately adapted to other markets, as well as the specifications or recycling requirements they entail. As a result, the range caters to the increasing level of demand as well as the individual requirements of customers in the chemicalscosmetics, and liquid food product sectors.

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