Nobody is perfect.
But K3® r100 is pretty close.

Up to 98%* recyclable – our new self-separating packaging innovation.

Doing the work for you: self-separation for outstanding recyclability

K3® r100 is a product innovation that has made the impossible possible: separating cardboard wraps and plastic packaging from one another during the waste disposal process without the need for human intervention. Unlike all previous K3® packaging solutions, an outstanding level of recyclability can be achieved without having to rely on end consumers to separate the items correctly. Instead, the cardboard separates from the plastic completely on its own during the waste disposal process.

Here’s how it works:

Cardboard opens on its own

The cardboard wrap opens up all by itself during the waste disposal process.

Innovative self-separation

The cardboard detaches from the plastic cup without the need for human intervention.

Up to 98* percent recyclable

The materials can be disposed of separately and then recycled.

98 %

Sustainable and attractive

In developing K3® r100, Greiner Packaging was able to rely on years of experience in packaging design while breaking new ground in terms of innovation and sustainability. The cardboard wrap, which can be made from recycled material, lends sturdiness to the plastic cup so that it can be produced with particularly thin walls. In addition, the carbon footprint of K3® cups is significantly smaller than that of alternative packaging solutions. The diverse array of design options, the intuitive tear tab, and the printable inside of the cardboard wrap are guaranteed to provide ideal opportunities for communication with end consumers and differentiation at the point of sale.

All benefits of K3® r100 at a glance

Up to 98%* recyclability according to Cyclos-HTP and A-class rating (for the plastic part) for recyclability according to RecyClass.
The cardboard wrap lends sturdiness to the plastic cup so that it can be produced with particularly thin walls. This allows us to reduce the amount of plastic used to a minimum.
By saving plastic, we have also significantly cut down on CO2 emissions.
The back of the cardboard wrap is ideal for communicating with end consumers. Given that environmentally conscious consumers might still like to separate the materials themselves before disposing of them, the packaging has an intuitive tear tab that can be opened manually to discover additional information on the inside. The new design makes process this even more intuitive and straightforward.
Unique shapes and designs as well as a wide range of finishes mean the product is sure to catch the eye at the point of sale.
*tested according to the Cyclos-HTP methodology (Germany) with PP platine, for other countries recyclability also depends on country specific guidelines and available recycling infrastructure
In developing K3® r100, we have made a major breakthrough in sustainability and recyclability.
Jens Krause
Sales Director und K3® Product Category Manager atGreiner Packaging

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