The details are often what determines whether a packaging solution is practical or not – and lids can make a key difference in this. They come in a wide range of variants – such as slip lids, snap-on lids, or sealing lids – and they also ensure that a product can be resealed or, as in the case of the sealing lid, are even tamper-evident.

Lids protect the filled content and go a long way toward making a product convenient. They might have a drink opening, for example, so drinks can be enjoyed on the go. Or the lid might come with cutlery inside, making ready meals easy to eat. Lids might be round, angular, or oval, and can be made from virgin material or from r-PET or r-PO – so the expectations customers and consumers place on sustainability can be met in an ideal way. Monomaterials are also seeing increased use in the production of packaging and lids in order to boost recyclability.

Lids - well combined



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