Household Chemicals & Detergents

Cleaning might not be for everyone, but detergents, cleaning agents as well as household chemicals are nonetheless found in every home. When it comes to packaging, a special focus is placed on child-security. At the same time, the topic of convenience plays a big role. Laundry and dishwashing detergents are increasingly being packaged in single portions – these are easy to use and ensure that consumers don’t use too much cleaning agent or excessive water. The focus on sustainability means refillable packaging is being sold on the market on an increasing basis, some of which contains concentrated product. This provides an easy way of reducing resources, including packaging materials. An integrated tamper-evident feature is also a key part of many of our packaging designs.


Product solutions

Our mission: sustainability

At Greiner Packaging, we produce cups, lids, buckets, bottles, and closures for the household chemicals and detergents market. And we take protecting the environment seriously in the process: For one, we focus on lightweight packaging that makes it possible to save materials and subsequently CO2 during transport. In addition, we will be incorporating used and post-consumer recycled (PCR) material for this packaging where possible and have set ourselves the goal of making our packaging fully recyclable.

Cardboard-plastic combinations in new markets

K3®-F packaging is the best example of sustainable packaging solutions in the detergent category. Thanks to a special folding wrap that is supplied separately from the plastic container, the packaging meets environmental and design requirements. Moreover, it also helps to reduce stock to a minimum. The cardboard wrap and plastic container can be easily separated from one another and recycled. The small proportion of plastic in the packaging – which can also be produced from recycled material upon request – can reduce CO2 emissions. The cardboard wrap ensures that the container remains stable.

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