Baby Food & Nutrition

Baby food is booming. On the one hand, this is due to increasing urbanization. On the other hand, more and more mothers are working and have less time to cook. Dishes for the very youngest must be practical and easy to prepare. But the top criterion is quality. Parents pay attention to organic ingredients without artificial additives. They prefer to rely on products from well-known and major brands.

Product solutions

Convenient and sustainable, with a great look

At Greiner Packaging, it’s important to us that our packaging meets the highest hygiene standards, and the products can be pasteurized and sterilized provided the right materials are used. Through our barrier solutions, we ensure that the contents of the packaging are protected in an ideal way and have a shelf life that’s as long as possible even without preservatives

We also offer a true alternative to glass with our plastic packaging, given that this material is unbreakable – a huge benefit in terms of safety. In addition, plastic packaging is lightweight, which makes it possible to reduce carbon emissions during production and transport. The fact that our packaging is available in transparent versions is a further plus, as it gives parents the chance to take a first look at the product in the supermarket. This lets them see that the product is fresh and of a high quality.  

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