Honey, Chocolate Cream, Toppings

Whether it’s chocolate or nougat spreads – the prospect of a sweet breakfast is a sure way to get even those who are notorious for sleeping in straight out of bed. The range of sweet spreads for bread has grown steadily in recent years, with proven classics being increasingly joined by favorite snacks in spreadable form on store shelves. In addition, toppings and sweet items for decorating cakes and baked goods are also on the up as more and more people have rediscovered their love of baking.

Increasingly elaborate cakes and pastries are being made at home thanks to inspiration from numerous TV shows and cooking programs. Consumers place a particular focus on quality when deciding what to buy, and organic products are a particular focus. When people do indulge in a sweet treat, they want it to be made from the best ingredients. Sweets are a segment that is particularly charged with emotion, so the desire for something special has to be reflected in the packaging design. 

Product solutions

Emotive design, practical to use

At Greiner Packaging, we produce cups, buckets, bottles, tubs, and PET jars for sweet spreads and toppings for baked goods. Our highly transparent packaging solutions are especially popular. We meet sustainability expectations with our cardboard-plastic combinations – the individual elements of this packaging are easy to separate from one another for recycling. The extent to which the packaging can be fully emptied of remaining product – for example, by giving it a rounded shape (example: squeeze bottles) – is an important consideration in our design process. This ensures that valuable food doesn’t stay behind in the packaging.

Naturally sweet: honey

Many consumers are opting for honey, a natural sweetener, as a result of ongoing health and wellness trends. China and the US are currently the largest honey markets, with Romania, Morocco, and Indonesia seeing quickly growing demand. The reason behind its popularity is simple: Honey isn’t just sweet; it also stands out for the valuable substances it contains, including pollens, minerals, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and natural colors and flavors. Its mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect also makes honey a household remedy for smaller aches and pains.

In Eastern Europe, glass is the dominant type of packaging, while squeeze bottles are becoming increasingly popular in western countries. At Greiner Packaging, we offer our customers convenient plastic bottles that feature good recyclability and can be easily dispensed down to the last drop. As a barrier solution we use MBT + Kavoblow. It offers the best product protection with particularly high transparency. Upon customer request we produce our honey bottles from sustainable r-PET. Closures with silicone membrane are suitable for a clean and residue-free dispensing.

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