The refill solution for all applications

The refill solution for all applications

The refill solution for all applications

Whether it's soap, dishwashing detergent or shampoo, many consumers are now turning to refill solutions for reasons of sustainability. A high-quality bottle is always refilled with a purchased concentrate, which only needs to be diluted with water. Greiner Packaging offers a wide variety of solutions for concentrates, such as the innovative refill funnel developed by the in-house design and prototyping department DesPro

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reduced use of plastics  

  • Less CO2e emissions  

  • Recycled material possible  

  • Monomaterial packaging  

  • Practical handling  

  • Ideal stackability   

  • Excellent emptying of residues 

Less resources, less CO2e

The use of refill packaging significantly reduces the overall consumption of plastic. The Greiner Packaging "Refill Funnel" also helps to save material on a large scale: While a conventional bottle for dishwashing detergent weighs about 28 grams, the funnel comes to just 6 grams. A decisive advantage over new bottles. The reduced use of plastic not only conserves resources, but also produces fewer CO2e emissions during production and transport. 

Excellent recyclability

Many materials can be used for the Refill Funnel such as PP. As the thermoformed packaging is a monomaterial solution, it can be optimally returned into the value stream.

Practical handling for consumers

Attach funnel

The funnel-shaped packaging, the bottom of which is sealed with a strip - also made of PP - is placed on an empty bottle. The strip is pulled off to the side and the base opens.

Fast refilling process thanks to strip extraction and air flow:

In the next step, the main sealing film, which closes the packaging at the top, is opened - the resulting air flow quickly empties the concentrate contained in the packaging into the bottle.

Residue emptying and dilution to minimise product loss:

Subsequently, with the help of the emptied packaging, which now acts as a funnel, water is filled into the bottle to dilute the concentrate. The funnel shape of the packaging is particularly ideal for emptying residues: every drop of concentrate flows into the bottle, no product is wasted. 

Ideal stackability

The handling of the refill funnel is not only practical for consumers, but also for customers: The packaging is stacked by Greiner Packaging and delivered already sealed at the bottom. Now, all that needs to be done is to fill the product and seal it at the top with a sealing film - again made of PET, for example.  

Packaging Facts:




PET, PP, recycled material possible

The design is envisaged in two basic forms - one is already ready as a sample and can be made available at any time. 

Design & Prototyping

Would you like to find out more about our in-house DesPro department and its innovative product concepts?


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Stefan Ebli
Head of Design & Prototyping Services