Ice Cream

From traditional ice creams through sorbets and frozen yogurt, the market for frozen confections is booming. Not least thanks to increasingly long, hot summers. A wealth of off-season promotions also ensures that ice cream is no longer a seasonal business. There’s no question about it – ice cream is and will remain on-trend. And the product range is becoming more and more diverse, having expanded to include low-calorie varieties, premium brands, and natural flavor profiles to the delight of children and adults alike.


Health and well-being are increasingly important issues for consumers. But at the same time, the public isn’t in any hurry to give up the sweet, delicious taste of ice cream. Low-calorie, fat-free frozen desserts are the solution. So it’s no wonder that the range of these low-calorie varieties is growing.
Veganism is all the rage. As a result, vegan varieties of frozen snacks that are 100% free of animal-based additives are experiencing a boom, too, with consumers also prepared to pay higher prices for these products. At the same time, it’s important for manufacturers to open up new sales channels in the vegan lifestyle sector and to ensure their products have long-term appeal for these consumers.
Going back to the product’s roots, classic gelato is still a favorite treat. Whether based on traditional recipes or fresh interpretations, premium variants made with the very best ingredients enjoy particularly high popularity. When it comes to combining tradition and innovation, packaging has a vital role to play here, too.
Removing an ingredient can sometimes be an advantage. With rising numbers of people suffering from lactose intolerance and increasing awareness of nondairy and lactose-free products, demand is on the up in this segment all around the world. Many types of frozen confections are already available in lactose-free versions, and it’s a growing trend. 
The more natural, the better. At a time when artificial flavorings and flavor enhancers are everywhere, winning over the consumers who value natural ingredients is key. Their use not only results in healthier ice cream, they also open up entirely new opportunities from a marketing perspective.

Product solutions

Served up ice-cold in cool packaging

With an extensive range of packaging options for ice-cream cups, tubs, lids, and cutlery solutions, Greiner Packaging offers a complete package to satisfy every trend in this “cool” industry. The packaging specialists supply products that are visually attractive with exceptional cooling properties, practical in terms of the everyday consumer experience, and efficient when it comes to production and closed-loop recycling.

Product solutions