Greiner Packaging creates packaging solution containing r-PET

25/09/2019 | 3 min read
Thomas Edbauer

Greiner Packaging’s stated aim is to keep plastic circulating in the economy for as long as possible. To this end, the packaging specialists are aiming to work together with their customers to create new packaging solutions that can be recycled themselves or contain recycled material. One recent solution that falls in this category is German food company Jütro’s range of ketchup and sauces bottles, which are partly made from r-PET.  

Kremsmünster, Austria (September, 2019) – Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. And it’s not only consumers demanding packaging that can be easily recycled or is produced in an environmentally friendly way – businesses are also aware of their responsibility to society. As a result, they are opting for solutions such as plastic packaging made in part from recycled materials.

Packaging facts


Injection stretch blow molding




500 ml


PET, r-PET (30%)

For instance, German food company Jütro has put sustainability at the heart of its packaging redesign and now markets 500-milliliter ketchup and sauces bottles made with 30 percent r-PET. 

Careful use of raw materials 

The squeeze bottles are produced by Greiner Packaging, a longstanding partner to Jütro. “In switching to r-PET for our bottles, we’re helping to ensure that the available raw material resources are used sustainably,” stresses Peter Rothmann, Managing Director of Jütro. “Greiner Packaging is a partner that has extensive expertise in this area – and has given us professional support since day one. As a result, we were able to open up close lines of communication with our contacts in the retail sector.” 

r-PET aces the test

To demonstrate the quality of r-PET, all the necessary proof of compliance and bottle samples were presented to Jütro right from the outset. In addition, a collaboration was formed with Austrian firm Erema – a recycling systems specialist – to facilitate in-depth knowledge sharing.

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