Ready-made salads can be found in nearly every supermarket these days. Practically packed, some products even come with dressing and cutlery. The individual components only need to be mixed together and the salad is ready for consumption. The market category salads, however, does not only include fresh salads. Consumers also like packed couscous salads, vegetable mayonnaise, fork bites or shrimp salads. In short, specialities that optimally satisfy the small appetite in the office or at home.

Product solutions

Convenient yet highly effective product protection

We produce cups and tubs that are convenient for packing and transporting the individual salad components, either together or separately in multi-chamber cups. This is not just practical, but also guarantees maximum product protection. In addition, we also produce matching lid and cutlery solutions. In doing so, we pay attention to sustainability: we offer cutlery made of bio-based material, wood and cardboard and are working on solutions made of r-PET. This brings us one step closer to the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

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