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Recording: Optimizing Packaging

Find out how to reduce costs and CO2 emissions by optimizing your packaging.

Opportunities with digital watermarks

Find out how digital watermarks work and why they will play a key role in the recycling process in the future.

Plastic – Facts and Myths

Did you know that...? This brochure takes a look at the facts and myths about the topic of plastics and plastic packaging. For example, do you know whether the plastic ban actually protects the environment?

Knowledge area

Constantly keeping up-to-date isn’t always easy in the light of the myriad developments and innovations in the plastics industry – in our Knowledge area, we would therefore like to give our users access to the latest information from the packaging sector, presented in a clear and appealing format. We provide short technical articles as well as enthralling expert presentations and detailed brochures. 

Sustainability Recognizing the value of materials

Our approach and our goals

Plastic is a fantastic material – one that’s ideal for producing packaging. And it’s far too good to let its value go to waste after using it just once. We want to give plastics a longer life by establishing a recycling loop for products made of plastic. We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals for 2025 in order to fulfill this mission.

Our solutions

Greiner Packaging is pursuing various approaches in order to make packaging more sustainable. We’re reducing the weight of our packaging and incorporating alternative materials in its production. Plus, we’re stepping up our focus on multi-use concepts and designing our packaging to maximize its suitability for recycling.

Our commitment

Working together makes many things easier! We’ve teamed up with other companies and institutions in a wide range of partnerships so we can move a step closer to the sustainable packaging of the future.

Often imitated, never equaled!

K3® the original since 1982

What started life 40 years ago in the small town of Diepoldsau in Switzerland has since spread far and wide – it’s now impossible to imagine supermarket shelves around the world being without cardboard-plastic combinations.

As the inventors of K3®, we know the packaging inside out. We have been working with our network of partners for over four decades to keep improving cardboard-plastic combinations, making them even more user-friendly and, crucially, even more environmentally friendly.

Celebrate with us 40 years of innovation!


Join the circular revolution!

Our climate is changing, biodiversity is in decline, we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. As plastics manufacturers, we want to use all the tools at our disposal to protect our world. 

That is why we are committed to reducing what can be avoided (reDUCE), using what can be used again (reUSE), and recycling what cannot be reused (reCYCLE). 


All three Rs are important building blocks for the future of packaging.

Best Before

Packaging protects goods against external influences. But some products need more protection than standard plastic is capable of offering. In those cases, there are various options that allow special plastics and coatings with a barrier effect to be integrated into the packaging itself. These additives have essentially no impact on the recyclability of the packaging.


A special barrier layer made from a material like EVOH or PA is embedded within a standard plastic. This produces a gas barrier that gives the packaged product special protection against external influences. MBT is suitable for a broad spectrum of packaging solutions.


A barrier layer made of silicon oxide is applied to the inside and outside of a plastic cup. This layer protects the packaged product against external influences, giving it an especially long shelf life. It doesn’t have any impact on the recyclability of the plastic cup. Greiner Packaging is a global market leader in the application of IBT.


One cup – a wide range of looks

If you’ve got a great product, you need to shout about it! That’s why Greiner Packaging offers a large selection of decoration technologies. While the plastic packaging is what protects a product, the decoration is what gives it that wow effect on the shelf. From direct printing to labels, sleeves, IML, and cardboard-plastic combinations – the choice of decoration underscores a product’s character and its brand. And it’s what makes every product really stand out.