Decoration technologies

Many purchase decisions aren’t made until the consumer is in the retail setting, at the point of sale. This makes a product’s appearance especially important, because it determines whether the consumer notices the product on the shelf – and their impression of it, too. In addition to the basic shape of the packaging, its decoration and design play an important role in the purchase decision. Creativity is key in a successful decoration solution, but so are quality and functionality.


Different packaging materials have different levels of impact on the climate. Read our free “Tough Choices” white paper to find out which packaging solution delivers the best results for our climate.
At Greiner Packaging, we combine all these factors so we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of decorations. Our special strength is premium decoration solutions and packaging design types of particularly high quality. We also place an emphasis on taking sustainability aspects into account when it comes to decorating our packaging. That’s why we’re pushing forward with easily recyclable monomaterial solutions (with decorations and plastic packaging made from the same plastic), alternative decoration materials such as grass paper, and the use of digital watermarks – these improve material detection in the sorting plant and can also display additional information when cash register systems are used.