Premium Packaging for Premium Ketchup

17/01/2018 | 3 min read
Rene Meussel

The unique Kavoblow plastic barrier with multibarrier technology (MBT) that Greiner Packaging has introduced on the market in Poland for the German food company, Develey, is light, shatterproof, transparent, and optimally protects the filling, thanks to its high oxygen barrier. And because it also allows hot filling, the innovative packaging has become a clear competitor of glass bottles.

Food packaging made of plastic is enjoying great popularity among consumers worldwide because of their diverse and practical uses. Develey, the German food company, has also opted for a plastic bottle from Greiner Packaging for its premium ketchup manufactured using the Kavoblow procedure, an innovative advancement in 1-step injection stretch blow molding. 

Packaging Facts


535 g




Kavoblow MBT (injection stretch blow molding)


Gold metallic paper label



  • Material: PP
  • Technology: injection molding


Classic, Hot Spicy

More production pieces than previously possible can be made within a shorter period; the best quality, free from impact marks and with high design flexibility, can be produced economically. The packaging exhibits a higher oxygen barrier in combination with MBT, giving the ketchup a particularly long life even without any added preservatives.

High oxygen barrier meets transparency and temperature stability

The barrier layer is directly introduced in the injection stretch blow molding procedure, which guarantees efficient production. But the bottle is winning over customers not only because of the high oxygen barrier, but also because it is transparent and thermally stable, making it suitable for hot filling. 

It is a combination never before seen in the market and one that makes the product innovative and unique. Greiner Packaging is among the absolute pioneers in this sector.

Günter Ausserwöger, Product Group Director at Greiner Packaging

“The Kavoblow MBT technology guarantees a sealed EVOH layer in the area of the injection point in the base; that, too, distinguishes us from conventional solutions, especially for products that will be hot-filled and for which the customer demands high transparency. Sauces and ketchup bottles, for instance, can be produced with Kavoblow MBT in many different designs," says Ausserwöger. 

An alternative to glass

Develey Ketchup puts value on natural ingredients and top quality. The brand dispenses with the use of preservatives and uses a particularly high concentration of tomatoes. The packaging therefore has to have an excellent oxygen barrier that guarantees long life for the product:  "We have a longstanding partnership with Greiner Packaging, so we knew that we could rely on the company in the face of this huge challenge. The combination of efficient injection stretch blow molding technology and barrier meets our needs exactly, and the bottle’s excellent transparency is a winning factor,” says Paweł Korniluk, brand manager at Develey. Traditionally, glass and metal packaging offer one hundred percent barrier protection against oxygen, but are more and more often being replaced by plastic solutions, because these combine the advantages of both materials and also offer many features: Compared to glass, plastic is lighter and shatter-proof. The low weight also saves CO2 during transport. At the same time, with regard to recycling, plastic is more energy-efficient than glass and offers almost endless possibilities for creation.  This provides optimal distinction at the POS. 

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