Finalist: Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022

28/06/2022 | 2 min read
Konrad Wasserbauer

Kremsmünster, Austria (June 2022). The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe are presented annually in recognition of outstanding achievements in the European plastics recycling industry. The awards put a spotlight on the latest developments in the use of recycled material, product design, and innovative manufacturing across Europe, bringing together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors. With K3® r100, Greiner Packaging has secured a place among the top finalists in the Product Technology Innovation of the Year 2022 category.

K3® r100: the self-separating cup

It is obvious why K3® r100 was chosen as a finalist for 2022’s top product innovation: Until now, separating cardboard-plastic combinations has been heavily dependent on consumer cooperation. But in the case of K3® r100, the two materials separate on their own – even while they are still on the way to the recycling plant. This means that the cardboard and plastic can be assigned to the correct material streams during the initial sorting process before being recycled. However, the K3® r100 design also retains the intuitive and easy-to-use tear-off solution, which allows consumers to keep separating the packaging into its components themselves.

An innovation for a sustainable packaging industry

With K3® r100, Greiner Packaging has introduced a packaging solution that can be recycled more effectively than alternative options, giving it a much smaller carbon footprint. The design has been certified with a recyclability rating of above 90% by Cyclos-HTP* and has been given a Class A ranking by RecyClass**, indicating the top level of recyclability for a packaging item.

We are very pleased that our efforts to provide innovative packaging solutions have been met with such a positive response and are attracting attention in the industry. The fact that K3® r100 has been named as a finalist for the Product Technology Innovation of the Year 2022 award shows that we are heading in the right direction and that our hard work is paying off.

Konrad Wasserbauer, global circular economy director at Greiner Packaging

* In Germany and France
** This rating applies to the plastic part of the packaging only, as the recyclability of the cardboard wrap depends on the infrastructure in place in individual countries and varies within the European Union.

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