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Award for redesign

08/11/2023 | 2 min read
Josef Zicha

Olma Pierot's creamy fruity yogurts have undergone a packaging relaunch in 2022. To make the packaging design more sustainable, plastic use was to be minimized. By switching from injection molding to thermoforming and adjusting the cup geometry, a total of 29% plastic per cup could be saved. This corresponds to a savings potential of 48 tons of plastic per year. In addition, the packaging is easier to stack thanks to the change in cup geometry: the stacking height of 5 cups was reduced by 74.8 mm, which subsequently reduces the truck loads required for transport - by almost 80% per year. Large amounts of CO2e emissions can be saved by reducing both the amount of plastic required and truck loads. 

Webinar: Packaging Optimization

You want to learn more about how to optimize packaging in terms of costs, material and CO2 emissions? Watch our „Packaging Optimization“ webinar

The fact that the new packaging design for the delicious yogurts in a total of eight varieties is well received is not only demonstrated by consumer reactions. Greiner Packaging also received the Czech Obal Roku Award "Packaging of the Year 2023" for the redesign, which automatically entitles the packaging to participate in the global WorldStar Packaging Award.  

"It is a huge honor for us to have been awarded with the “Packaging of the Year” Award for our redesign. Even without such awards, we would put the same heart and soul into constantly optimizing our packaging, making it more sustainable. Being honored with an award for this commitment, however, is even more fun," says Josef Zicha, Sales Director at Greiner Packaging Slušovice happily. 

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