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Initiatives, projects, and examples of best practice

There are still a number of obstacles that need to be overcome on the road to a successful circular economy. We know this. But no effort is too great for us, and we are taking numerous steps to make our economic system more sustainable. 

Blue Plan is the name of our Greiner-wide sustainability strategy. It encompasses all parts of our company around the world, focusing on three major priority areas, which we have identified as key issues that will shape the future:  

Sustainability report

In 2021, Greiner AG also published its second sustainability report. For more information about Greiner’s sustainability efforts and goals, please visit sustainability.greiner.com.

Circular Economy Strategy

As part of our efforts to achieve a circular economy, we have launched our own circular economy strategy at Greiner Packaging on top of our commitment to Blue Plan. It consists of three pillars:

Alongside our Greiner-wide Blue Plan sustainability strategy and our circular economy strategy, we are also involved in a range of initiatives, projects, and partnerships, which include:

Strategic partnerships:

Research partnerships:

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