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Interview: vegan products - sustainable packaging

24/11/2023 | 2 min read
André Flaspöhler

Pea protein serves as the basis for numerous savory, plant-based products. The MILRAM brand also relies on the ingredient for its vegan spreads. The cardboard-plastic combination used as packaging for the spreads in the varieties FrühlingsStreich, PaprikaStreich and NaturStreich is supplied by Greiner Packaging. Sören Scholz, Senior Brand Manager Brand Retail at MILRAM, is certain that vegan products will continue to be a relevant part of nutrition in the future.

Interview with Sören Scholz

How long have you been carrying vegan products in your range?
Sören Scholz
: We kicked off with MILRAM 100% plant-based in spring 2022. The first product launches included plant-based desserts, such as our chocolate and vanilla puddings and a rice dessert. At the same time, we launched our vegan oat-based cocoa drink in the beverage category.

How has the range of vegan products developed since then?
Sören Scholz: With MILRAM FrühlingsStreich, PaprikaStreich, and NaturStreich, three vegan spreads with pea protein followed this year. Unlike previous competitor products, the products are curd-like and light and, in addition to being used on bread, are also ideal as a dip or with potatoes and
grilled food. With MILRAM Pizza-Zeit and Auflauf-Zeit, we added two vegan grated cheese alternatives to the range in August that are very versatile for gratinating

What can we expect for the future?
Sören Scholz: The growing group of flexitarians offers great potential, precisely because we can now offer them a choice between milk-based and vegan products from our portfolio under our MILRAM brand, while maintaining the same quality and the usual delicious taste. Consumers and
retailers will continue to demand vegan products in the future. And as a major food manufacturer, we want to meet this demand. To this end, we are taking a close look at the product categories in which we will continue to enter the vegan market. It will be delicious in any case!

How does vegan taste to you personally?
Sören Scholz: Personally, I would also put myself in the group of flexitarians – vegan products now have a firm place in my diet. I think the variety of tastes in particular has increased significantly in recent years due to this complementary offering and brings a lot of variety to the plates.

Consumers and retailers will continue to demand vegan products in the future

Sören Scholz, Senior Brand Manager Brand Retail at MILRAM

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