Crystal clear quality improvements

03/12/2020 | 2 min read
Harald Skorjanz

French lens care manufacturer Menicon pharma is now teaming up with Greiner Packaging to produce its well-established container for rigid contact lenses. The Menicase, which has been on the market for some 26 years, is now made by Greiner Packaging.

Two key factors behind Menicon’s decision were increased demand and the need to satisfy higher quality standards in the future – both in terms of materials and the manufacturing process. All these criteria were perfectly met by the plastics experts. Other points in their favor included the high production capacity in Greiner Packaging’s full hot runner system and the benefits of production without sprues or regrinding, which prevents impurities. In addition, the company’s end-to-end camera monitoring plays a significant role in quality assurance for pharmaceutical packaging.

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Injection molding

We are pleased that in Greiner Packaging, we have found a new supplier for Menicase production. Going forward, they will produce both the tube and the holder, as well as two different screw caps for the tube. We hope that this will further strengthen our strong and long-standing partnership with the internationally renowned plastics manufacturer, whose high production capacity and quality standards we particularly value.

Jean-Luc Peter President Menicon France

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