Helping to fight COVID-19

11/12/2020 | 2 min read
Oleg Korotaev

COVID-19 has not only unleashed a global crisis that ultimately affects us all – it has also forced society to grapple with new day-to-day issues, such as the need to practice hand hygiene. Since this spring, hand sanitizers have been more important than ever – and subject to unprecedented demand around the world. This has been the case at medical and government institutions, as well as among private citizens at home with their families during the pandemic. It is now hard to imagine life without sanitizers being used in these settings.

Greiner Packaging responded to this situation in spring 2020 by teaming up with one of its customers, Polysept, to optimize its existing sanitizer bottle for the Russian market. First, the thread and neck of the bottle were modified to ensure that all three of the customer’s different closures (a simple screw cap, a flip top cap, and a pump cap) were best suited for the respective situation. Second, the bottle’s height was changed so that it would fit perfectly into standard sanitizer dispensers at health facilities.

Packaging facts


1,000 ml of hand sanitizer 







Material consumption during the production process was also reduced for the good of the environment, while wall thickness distribution was successfully improved, making the bottles perfectly stackable.

When it comes to the production of our new sanitizer bottles, Greiner Packaging has responded to our needs quickly and flexibly. In practically no time – immediately after the outbreak of COVID-19 – we worked together to develop the new bottles, which Greiner Packaging then produced and delivered on time in the required quantity.

Elena Drannikova, Senior Purchasing Manager at Polysept

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