Traditionally into the future: Chocolate-coated marshmallows in r-PET packaging

12/01/2023 | 2 min read
Alexandria Mitterbaur

Foamy and crunchy, covered with chocolate and sprinkled with grated coconut: the ultimate recipe for success. After all, the ‘Schwedenbomben’ from the traditional Viennese company Niemetz have been consistently popular since 1926. However, with its success, Niemetz also sees itself as having a responsibility. Current customer requirements and environmentally conscious management are therefore clearly the focus of the company's philosophy. This is demonstrated by the new packaging of Greiner Packaging: It is made of 100 percent recycled PET plastic (r-PET). Switching to r-PET thus reduces the CO₂ footprint by a third. A good selling point for the growing target group of environmentally aware and informed consumers.

If we as a company are committed to sustainability, we naturally want to live up to that. On the one hand, by using fair raw materials, as with our Fairtrade chocolate. And on the other hand with environmentally friendly packaging that meets current standards. In this way, we show that we are moving with the times and adapting our products and processes when necessary.

Gerhard Schaller, Managing Director of Heidi Chocolat AG

Product recognition and product safety 

For 70 years, the famous ‘Schwedenbomben’ have been packed in the typical blister pack of 6. An enormous recognition value that will remain after the material changeover. The first development step for this already took place around seven years ago. At that time, the switch was made from polystyrene (PS) to PET. However, since the focus of both companies is on continuous further development, the next material optimization was not too long in coming.

One of the challenges during the current new development was the direct contact of the new r-PET film with the chocolate. No problem for the experts at Greiner Packaging: Within just one year, the changeover from PET made of virgin material to PET made of recycled material was completed. Extensive research and numerous product tests resulted in the production of a food-safe packaging that complies with sustainability values and legal conditions. Intensive cooperation was also an important element. A partnership that has proven its worth: 

Greiner Packaging has been an ideal service partner for us for over 50 years, supporting us in terms of sustainability, regulations, as well as packaging material and design.

Gerhard Schaller, Managing Director of Heidi Chocolat AG

A strong message for brand communication

"In the end, we found a solution that gives us the familiar look for the 6-pack of our ‘Schwedenbomben’, in a nicer packaging design with a better sustainability factor. With 100 percent recycled PET, we are thus contributing even more intensively to the circular economy. At the same time, this strengthens our brand," says Schaller. After all, in addition to the existing Fairtrade label, this is an unbeatable argument for marketing and a strong sign of a responsible and modern future strategy for a company with a long tradition.

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