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Innovative product design for oriental delicacies

07/12/2022 | 2 min read
Thomas Knoll

Whether it's hummus, spreads or ready-made salads - the family-run company Neni, founded in Vienna, is a well-established name in the oriental cuisine of Austria. The colorful dishes are not only served in Neni restaurants around the world but can also be found pre-packed with "Neni Am Tisch" in the refrigerated counters of Spar supermarkets and in German organic stores. For Neni, not only fresh and high-quality ingredients are top priority, but also sustainable and innovative packaging. 

Mono material solution for Neni

If the cup and lid are made of the same material, it provides ideal conditions for eventual recycling. Consequently, a single-material package was chosen during the product development phase in which both components (lid and cup) are made of highly transparent PET. 

The entire packaging for Neni's ready-to-eat meals not only scores points for its high recyclability but can also boast a recycled content of up to 30%. Thanks to the film with an increased silicone content, we can guarantee the transparency desired by the customer and at the same time do without a multilayer film structure.

Thomas Knoll, Key Account Manager at Greiner Packaging

One that plays (almost) all the tricks.

The clever design of the inner snap-on lid ensures that the cup is 100 percent leak-proof. "A prerequisite that is indispensable for consumers with ready-to-eat meals that are also consumed on the go," as Ilan Molcho, managing director at Neni am Tisch, points out. In addition, the inner snap-on lid eliminates the need for an additional plate between the cup and the lid. This reduces the amount of material used and allows an even clearer view of the contents.   

The tamper-proof paper label provides important product information for consumers. This decoration of the 125 ml, 250 ml and 400 ml cups is carried out in Neni's own newly built production hall in Gumpoldskirchen. 

"We are pleased that together with Neni we have developed a cup that is not only suitable for an inner snap-on lid, but for which an outer snap-on lid with corresponding sealing is also possible. This is a unique selling point on the market. This success is due to the long-standing, close and successful partnership with Neni. And to the great trust placed in us," says Knoll. 

Fresh food? That's a no-brainer!

"Our packaging should reveal what is important to our customers: the contents. With Greiner Packaging, we have a competent partner on board who has succeeded in designing transparent and sustainable packaging that puts the freshness of our dishes in the best light," says Molcho. 

Still got questions? We look forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Knoll
Key Account Manager

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