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air up® water bottle: Scent-based water flavor

05/06/2024 | 2 min read
Taner Ertan

Drinking nothing but water gets pretty boring in the long run. All the better if there are ways to combine water consumption with the best taste – without any sugar, additives or calories. How does this work, you ask? The young German company air up® uses scent-based flavors to add extra taste to normal water. Using “aroma pods,” which are attached to a water bottle, a taste is perceived without the addition of calories because the aroma liquid mixes flavored air with water, is passed through the mouth into the retronasal system in the throat, where it creates a taste.

“With Greiner Packaging, we’ve found a partner that has impressed us with its innovative strength. We’re really proud of our bottle's technical development and the fact that it is now largely ‘made in Austria’ exactly in line with our quality standards.”

Lena Jüngst, co-inventor and co-founder of air up®

With a concept like this, it goes without saying that the water bottles used must meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. For this reason, the heart of the production process, “Gen2” bottle, was optimized in close cooperation with Greiner Packaging. The bottle now has an adapter that not only enables quick refilling, but also makes it possible to switch between different bottle options with complete flexibility. Thanks to the optimizations, the bottle is now also easier to clean, more pleasant to handle and seals perfectly even with carbonated water. 

Bottles are supplied by Greiner Packaging as “finished goods,” i.e. plastic parts are manufactured, assembled and delivered to air up® ready to use in various design packaging. 

airup® wasserflasche

Packaging Facts

Technology: Injection molding, Injection stretch blow molding 

Material: Tritan renew (bottle and adapter), ABS (cap), TPE (loop and seal), HDPE (straw) 

Decoration: 5 colors

Filling volume: 600 ml, 1000 ml 

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