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New look for a proven recipe: Packaging Relaunch of Guschlbauer's cream rolls

26/06/2024 | 2 min read
Thomas Knoll

Careful use of resources and materials - these are not only the values of Greiner Packaging, but also those of the Upper Austrian confectionery and baked goods manufacturer Guschlbauer. A perfect base for the packaging relaunch of one of their most popular products: After a year of development, the well-known cream rolls will soon be available in the new r-PET packaging in supermarkets and discount stores.  

More customer benefits thanks to improved product shelf life

The sweet rolls made from puff pastry and egg white sugar filling are produced in St. Willibald, Austria, and are made from high-quality, regional ingredients. They are made entirely without flavor enhancers or colorants. Guschlbauer also emphasizes Austrian regional excellence in the development and production of their new packaging, collaborating with the packaging experts at Greiner Packaging at their site in Kremsmünster, Upper Austria.

“As food producers, we have a clear responsibility to operate sustainably. These are not only demands that we place on ourselves, but also on our customers. Greiner Packaging's sustainability strategy for 'reDUCE, reUSE and reCYCLE' is the perfect fit for us. The new packaging not only looks great, but also promotes more environmentally conscious purchasing.”

Karl Guschlbauer, Managing Director

Positive feedback

Initially, the need for optimization was only about the look. “Because the filling was sticking to the pack too often - it just didn't look very appetizing. And this aesthetic problem led us to the question of environmental friendliness. Then we quickly realized that we could do better: With the recycled PET packaging solutions from Greiner Packaging,” explains Karl Guschlbauer. The use of r-PET now saves up to a third of CO₂ and the packaging can be disposed of correctly as plastic material during waste separation. This makes them a valuable contribution to the circular economy. 

The future is built on three pillars

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: the three key hierarchical pillars of the circular economy.

Improved filling process: Our Greiner moment

The proven recipe is of course still the same. Additionally, the new packaging keeps the cream rolls tastier, fresher, and more visually appealing for longer. In order to achieve such an improved product shelf life, the r-PET film had to seal tightly enough without sealing completely. The solution: resealable packaging. This keeps the sweet rolls crispy and fresh, even if some of them have already been eaten. The PET blister was also replaced with a more sustainable r-PET tray. This also created a true Greiner moment: the cream rolls can now be packaged more quickly in the filling process. An increase in efficiency that also promises a competitive advantage. In line with this, the packaging design was redesigned by the experts in the “DesPro” Design & Prototyping department. An all-round new look that is in line with current market trends and offers a lasting moment of pleasure from consumers. 

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