Potato chips in a recyclable cup

06/05/2021 | 2 min read
Kyra Gallego Prins

Snecco is showing the way forward by doing chip packaging differently, with the Dutch potato chip maker opting for a sustainable and readily recyclable K3® cup solution from Greiner Packaging.

The cardboard sleeve wrapped around the plastic cup offers attractive design and printing opportunities, making it possible to include graphics and other information on the packaging. This sleeve can be removed after use and returned to the paper loop, with the plastic cup and lid ending up back in the plastic loop. This makes for an extremely eco-friendly solution – unlike conventional chip bags, which consist of inseparably bonded plastic film/aluminum foil and are usually sent for thermal recycling. Alternatively, the large cup also makes an ideal container for storing leftovers, giving it a second lease on life.

Another benefit of the new packaging is that it is much more user friendly than a normal chip bag, which will invariably be filled with air and make crinkling sounds when handled.

Packaging facts






70g of chips, 750ml cup


PP (cup and lid)


snap-on lid

Our innovative chip packaging is not just sustainable – thanks to it being resealable, the delicious chips inside also stay fresher longer after opening the packaging for the first time compared to non-resealable bags. Plus, the cups are perfect for stacking on the store shelf.

Wendell Potters, sales director at Snecco

The attractive presentation at the PoS due to the stackable cups is another advantage of the new, readily recyclable packaging solution. The idea for the innovative chip packaging came from three students who founded a start-up to take the concept forward. It came as no surprise that the first delivery batches sold out in practically no time.

A smart, attractively shaped, and sustainable packaging idea: the recyclable K3® potato chip cup for convenient, quiet consumption – at home, in the movie theater, or on the go.

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