Winter special edition

01/01/2017 | 2 min read
Vincenzo Crescenza

Emmi / Iced coffee

Want to keep a cool head when things heat up on the slopes? Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE is the perfect in-between pick-me-up that turns every break into a winter pleasure. 

The most popular iced coffee brand in Europe has been involved in alpine skiing for many years, with the FIS Alpine Skiing Championship from February 6 to 19 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, being the highlight of the season. And exclusively for this sports event, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE is launching not only the 370-milliliter sized Mr. Big but also the 230-milliliter Cappuccino cup with an exquisite sleeve in a glossy-/matt-finished design. The winter edition, produced in successful cooperation with Greiner Packaging, emphasizes the high product quality as well as the significance of the sports event. The shape of the cup – including the lid – guarantees against leaks by means of a sealing aid, sealing lip and locking catch.

Packaging facts


230 ml / 370 ml




Injection molding




Macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso, Strong Macchiato

Our cups have a very high recognition value in the market. They have great haptics and the design stresses the value of our product. The sleeve that comes with the extraordinary special edition look is the perfect way to highlight our brand.

Nicole Koller of Emmi in Switzerland

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