Traditional treats in innovative packaging

26/02/2018 | 2 min read
Toros Doyuran

Mislina / Turkish candies

In Turkey, bright and, most importantly, sweet little treats are frequently enjoyed as a dessert or alongside a cup of tea.

The candy is traditionally packed in cardboard packages ranging from 500 grams to one kilo. However, the Yesilsoy Group recently decided on a completely new solution for its Mislina brand: The selected K3® pot, with a diameter of 75 mm, from Greiner Packaging clearly sets the product apart from the competition on the shelf. Its packaging tempts consumers to enjoy a small treat between meals and wins them over with an appealing design. But the cardboard-plastic combination doesn’t just give the candy a unique and exceptional look; it has also significantly improved the shelf life of the product. The product has been on the market sinc

Packaging facts


120 g






Cardboard wrap


Mixed fruit flavors, including orange, lemon, apple, and mint

We have especially benefited from our proximity to the Greiner Packaging location in Istanbul. During the process of switching to the new packaging, we naturally had a few questions and changes we wanted to make, and this let us work together quickly and easily.

Nebi Kercin from the Yesilsoy Group

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