Raising perfect eyebrow

01/01/2019 | 2 min read
Ljubomir Vučak

PhiAcademy / Eyebrow kit

Many women dream of perfect eyebrows – and did so long before supermodel Cara Delevingne came along in all her full-browed glory. Often, however, the ideal shape and color cannot be achieved through natural means – so it’s a good thing that rising numbers of cosmetics studios are there to offer professional solutions to this problem. Microblading is the name of the trend which, as a modern variation of permanent makeup, caters to the growing demand for perfect eyebrows. Color pigments are hand-pricked into the skin under the eyebrows in order to permanently optimize their shape and fullness. Serbian company PhiAcademy presents PhiBrows Blade and Shade Microblading Kit S, a kit containing all necessary equipment for performing a complete microblading treatment.

The tools are packed in a plastic box made by Greiner Packaging – the company’s experts were able to win the beauty company as a new client thanks to their design and quality standards. The eyebrow kit has been available worldwide since February 2019.

Packaging facts




Injection molding



A microblading kit is comprised of many different parts. We were therefore determined to find packaging that would allow sufficient space for all the tools while meeting the aesthetic demands of the beauty industry.

Branko Babić, founder of the PhiAcademy

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