Precise dosing made easy

08/11/2022 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

Greiner Packaging’s squeeze bottle works like a concertina and guarantees high visibility at the point of sale – and beyond. Its unusual shape positively encourages squeezing, while the pleated design provides a fun factor for consumers. The novel packaging design is suitable for various markets, from detergents and sanitizers to sauces, ketchup, honey, and even shower gel.

Positive feedback prompted implementation

We featured the concept in our customer magazine UPP back when it was initially developed by Greiner Packaging’s in-house design and prototyping department, DesPro. The article generated such overwhelmingly positive feedback from readers that we were encouraged to take the development process a step further and invest in a pilot mold. It was time to turn the idea into ready-to-use packaging!

What makes the squeeze bottle unique?

The concertina design allows the consumer to squeeze out the desired quantity of product cleanly and easily. It is also straightforward for manufacturers to set how much is dispensed by sizing the pleated section so that the ideal amount of detergent is deposited in the compartment (or ketchup on the plate, shower gel in the hand, and so on) when the push mechanism is fully depressed. When the dimensions are suitably adjusted, even very small amounts can be dispensed cleanly – ideal for products like sanitizers.

As far as sustainability is concerned, the squeeze bottle is also suitable for concentrates like concentrated detergent, which can be pushed directly into the dispenser, or for solutions that the consumer dilutes with water in a separate container. The simple and convenient dosing action makes short work of this process. The design also reduces packaging material and transportation weight.

Besides the accurate dosing system, the fun factor involved in squeezing out the contents and the need to differentiate the new bottle at the POS were priorities for the development team right from the outset.


In Stefan Ebli's talk, "Design and innovation: delivering the future of packaging", the head of design and prototyping services at Greiner Packaging shows how packagubg can practical, functional, visually appealing and sustainable in equal measure.

In bringing this bottle to market, Greiner Packaging therefore now offers the ideal solution in terms of shape and function. It looks exciting, gives consumers excellent control over the amount dispensed, and – depending on the intended application – simply makes laundry, cleaning, and mealtimes more fun.

Product facts


Extrusion blow molding


Direct printing

This novel bottle is the ideal solution for applications where precise dosing is a must. The design stands out on retail shelves, and the push mechanism on the back of the bottle is really fun to use – as our trials with the initial samples have confirmed.

Stefan Ebli, chief product designer, DesPro

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