Plastic instead of glass

01/02/2017 | 2 min read
Peter Resch

SPAK / Sauce bottle

Light, shatterproof and squeezable – the new plastic bottles that Greiner Packaging produces for the Austrian company SPAK amaze sauce enthusiasts, both large and small. In contrast to the glass bottles in which the sauces were previously packaged, the new plastic bottles are practical for handling – they are easy to open and the contents can be “squeezed out” to the last drop.

The sauces are being filled for the Merkur private brand “Immer gut” (“Always good”); the nine different flavors in the innovative packaging have been available in Austria since November 2016.

Packaging facts


250 ml




Injection stretch blow molding




Sour cream & onion, curry, steak pepper, mexican jalapeño, cocktail sauce sweet paprika, sweet chili, barbecue honey, tartar sauce, garlic

The customer asked us to replace the glass bottles with plastic bottles. Greiner Packaging’s suggestion appealed to us with its design and functionality and the high quality in the process execution was crucial for us.

Harald Gahleitner, general manager of SPAK

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