Natural ingredients in sustainable packaging

15/02/2018 | 4 min read
Kyra Gallego Prins

Abbot Kinney‘s / Plant-based yogurt

Only the best, natural ingredients make it to the vegan yogurt creations of the Dutch company, Abbot Kinney’s. Whether it is coconut milk from Sri Lanka, almonds from Sicily, or mangoes from India, all the raw materials are organic and assure healthy indulgence for in-between meals. And since all products are gluten-, lactose-, and soya-free, they are particularly suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as well as for all other gourmets who are nutrition-conscious. But the company attaches great importance to sustainability not just for plant-based yogurt, but for the packaging as well.

While it is important for us to produce the packaging in a sustainable manner and for it to be recycled easily after use, it should at the same time provide maximum protection for our products and take our esthetic requirements into account.

Jimme Slippens

K3®: Environmental protection meets design

The company has therefore been collaborating for a number of years with Greiner Packaging. The individual types of plant-based yogurt are being packaged as of late in K3® cups – the cardboard-plastic combination of the packaging specialists that perfectly meets customer expectations with their sustainability characteristics. The cardboard and plastic can be separated from one another and recycled with just a few quick motions, and a transparent bottom allows the consumers to have a closer look at the products even before they buy them. A further advantage of the packaging is that the cardboard wrap can be printed on the interior and exterior creatively and can already be distinguished from the competitors’ products while on the shelves, thanks to their clear and attractive visual appeal. The plant-based yogurts are available in ten European countries and come in various flavors.

Packaging facts


125 g, 300 g






Cardboard wrap


Snap-on lid




Coconut yogurt: Natural, Mango, Blueberries, Raspberry Almond yogurt: Natural, Banana

Because of Greiner Packaging’s professional implementation, prompt service, and high-quality packaging solutions, we feel very well looked after. Just as we continue searching for innovative products that contribute toward environmental protection, Greiner Packaging, too, follows an innovative approach that repeatedly tests new and better materials for packaging. That corresponds to our philosophy one hundred percent.

Jimme Slippens

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