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01/01/2017 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

Practical DesPro solution for plastic blister packaging

Visual packaging, otherwise known as blister packaging, is very popular in the retail sector: The packaged product is ideally protected, standardized brackets make presentation and inventory easy and because of its transparency, it also allows the customer an initial glimpse of the packaged object even before purchase. A sealed blister also constitutes a “tamper-proof” seal. However, many times, customers have a difficult time opening the plastic packaging, which is often fused. A simple, clean, and fast solution is inconceivable without a pair of scissors, a knife, or a cutter.

Blisters equipped with an innovative perforation system on the back of the packaging offer a remedy. As a result, opening becomes absolute child’s play and tools are no longer necessary. This also eliminates the risk of injury when opening and saves time as well. With the support of DesPro, the in-house Design & Prototyping department, Greiner Packaging is also able to offer its customers user-friendly packaging options. Individual packaging solutions such as these are what can support and increase customer success at point-of-sale. The blister and perforation are manufactured in a thermoforming process and the packaging is versatile for use in the electronics, personal care, toy or home & garden markets.






Adapters, USB sticks, memory cards, charging cables, etc.

Personal care

Razors, toothbrushes, etc.



Home & garden

Lamps, adapters, etc

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